Ceremonial Carving Knife
Ceremonial Carving Knife
Ceremonial Carving Knife

Ceremonial Carving Knife

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Benjamin forged this blade from custom damascus using repurposed bandsaw blade with excavated wrought iron pipe and 1084. This knife is constructed with an Integral bolster and bronze pinned hidden tang.

The handle is crafted from locally salvaged purple heart wood.

The spacer and pommel are our own bronze alloy from copper and tin. The pounamu cabochon was carved by Benjamin before being cast in place by Marisa in a sandy medium much as was done by the ancients who so inspire and inform our work.

Displayed on a beautiful swirl of Wairarapa Ocean Beach native driftwood.

It comes with its own unique Ngai Tahu Pounamu Authentication Code so the stone can be traced back to its Hokitika glacial moraine origins through the newzealandpounamu.com database.

Our pounamu was blessed in its raw form before it was gifted to us. We handle each taonga with customary respect and every possible care.

Blade length: 290mm
Overall length: 433mm
Year: 2022
Artist: Benjamin Madden & Marisa McLuckie

This Art Knife comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.


If you would like to purchase this piece but live outside of New Zealand or Australia, please contact us directly to discuss your international shipping options. Thank you!