Integral Damascus Redwood Chef's Knife
Integral Damascus Redwood Chef's Knife detail of the wood grain
Redwood Chef's Knife

Redwood Chef's Knife

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The steel blade on this Integral Damascus Redwood Chef's Knife is pattern welded from layers of steel, hand forged to shape.

The handle is made from a piece carved from a giant redwood stump which grew locally and now resides in the driveway of our little rental cottage in Carterton, stabilised for added durability.

This perfectly proportioned chef's knife feels like you could use it all day with ease!

Comes with a display stand similar to the one in these photos, made from on old local totara fencepost on a polished wooden base.

Blade length: 190mm
Overall length: 315mm
Year: 2021
Artist: Benjamin Madden


If you would like to purchase this piece but live outside of New Zealand or Australia, please contact us directly to discuss your international shipping options. Thank you!