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Medieval Carving Knife
Medieval Carving Knife integral bolster shape and steel pattern
Medieval Carving Knife black Wairarapa quartz stone setting

Medieval Carving Knife

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The steel blade on this Medieval style integral carving knife is pattern welded wrought iron over recycled bandsaw blades and 1084 damascus steel, forged to shape

Beyond the integral bolster salvaged black maire wood is set with a black quartz cabochon carved from beach pebble we found at our favourite Wairarapa fossicking spot.

This art knife comes with its own signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Blade length: 230mm
Overall length: 390mm
Year: 2021
Artist: Benjamin Madden


If you would like to purchase this piece but live outside of New Zealand or Australia, please contact us directly to discuss your international shipping options. Thank you!