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Nails-To-Knives Seax I
Nails-To-Knives Seax I
Nails-To-Knives Seax I

Nails-To-Knives Seax I

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From handfuls of used nails came this blade of ultra-high carbon steel.

Starting with salvaged packing timber I've made charcoal and used this to add carbon and melt old discarded nails.

From the hearth these were gently massaged into bars and folded until they were homogeneous and free of inclusions.

The wrought iron guard and pin were once integral to the construction of a wharf but had long since sat in a pile of discarded debris.

The handle was once a knot of Wairarapa Ocean Beach native timber borne down a river to the sea. 

A simple knife with hidden depths.

The display is custom made from the butt end of the same driftwood knot that makes up the handle of this hearth steel knife.

This art knife comes with its own signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Blade length: 117mm
Overall knife length: 212mm
Year completed: 2021
Artist: Benjamin Madden


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