Wrought iron clad integral meat cleaver with a Pohutukawa handle in hand of the maker, Benjamin Madden.
Wrought iron clad integral full tang meat cleaver red hot and in the process of being hand-forged by bladesmith Benjamin Madden in his home workshop in Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand.
Pohutukawa Wrought Iron Clad Meat Cleaver

Pohutukawa Wrought Iron Clad Meat Cleaver

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The cutting edge and up through the centre is 3 layers of high carbon steel, 1084 and 15n20, the outer 2 having some nickel in the alloy. Outside that is a cladding layer of wrought iron salvaged from a demolished Wellington wharf, that's where a lot of the pattern is that you see in the steel. I forge welded it all into a billet to create this wrought iron clad, full tang, integral cleaver.

The handle is carved from pohutukawa which once grew in Wellington, stabilised for added durability.

This cleaver comes with its own benchtop display stand made from rebar and pohutukawa to match the handle.

Blade length: 165mm
Overall length: 300mm
Year: 2022
Artist: Benjamin Madden


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