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Pounamu Protection Pendant
Pounamu Protection Pendant reverse side.
Pounamu Protection Pendant

Pounamu Protection Pendant

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Embodying masculine and feminine protection, the tusks of a wild boar defending, a nurturing embrace.

We sand cast this protection pendant in a Shibuichi alloy of copper and silver in our home foundry around New Zealand Pounamu from Hokitika faceted by Benjamin then bound by Marisa with braided brown waxed thread finished with slipknots making this pendant easily adjustable in length.

The NZ pounamu in this pendant is certified by Ngai Tahu and comes with a certificate of authentication with its own unique traceability code. When entered online, the code attached to the carving identifies the origin and whakapapa (genealogy) of the stone.

Our pounamu was blessed in its raw form before it was gifted to us. We handle each taonga with customary respect and every possible care.

Due to the copper content of Shibuichi, it will patina beautifully as it ages! However, this can be easily removed with toothpaste if preferred.

Style: Pounamu Protection 
Materials: Shibuichi, Hokitika Pounamu, waxed braid
Process: Riversdale Beach sand cast
Width: 36mm
Date: 2019


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