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Pounamu River Pebble Brooch. Front view showing the beautiful surface textures of the stone and beach sand cast bronze.
Pounamu River Pebble Brooch.
Pounamu River Pebble Brooch. Side view.
Pounamu River Pebble Brooch. Side view.
Pounamu River Pebble Brooch, help in the hand of the maker Marisa showing its size.

Pounamu River Pebble Brooch

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Molten bronze is cast into sand around an ancient Pounamu River Pebble from Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand.

This collection of brooches were inspired by brooches of the Medieval period.

Style: Pounamu River Pebble Brooch
Materials: Bronze, Nelson Pounamu, Stainless Steel
Process: Wairarapa beach sand cast
Width: 40mm diameter at it widest point
Date: 2020


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