Pounamu River Pebble Ring ~ Size: 7¾ / P

Pounamu River Pebble Ring ~ Size: 7¾ / P

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Using the ancient technique of sandcasting we poured molten bronze around Pounamu to create this one-of-a-kind Pounamu Pebble Ring.

Inspired by the rings of the Medieval Period. Gemstones were endowed with mystical abilities, some medicinal and others representing virtues. Pounamu is Protective 💚

Style: Pounamu River Pebble Ring
Materials: Bronze, kawakawa pounamu from Nelson, New Zealand.
Process: Sandcast in Delft Clay
Size: P / 7¾  
Width: 5mm
Date: 2022

We are not able to resize this ring so please ensure it is the correct size before you buy.


If you would like to purchase this piece but live outside of New Zealand or Australia, please contact us directly to discuss your international shipping options. Thank you!