Serpentine Carving Seax
Serpentine Carving Seax handle detail of matai wood, leather spacers, serpentine stone and antler
Serpentine Carving Seax in the hand of the maker Benjamin Madden

Serpentine Carving Seax

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A Serpentine Dancer in the hand with a cut that sings of Ssssteel.

The steel jacket on this blade was a greasy piece of twisted cable from the bottom of a scrap bin at our local metal recyclers. The edge steel in the centre of the blade is good reliable 1084 high carbon steel.

The bronze fittings were cast in Riversdale Beach sand. The Serpentine stone we found whilst rockhounding in Hokitika. Local antler, leather spacers and matai from reclaimed floorboards make up the remainder of the handle. The tang runs right through the handle and is peened.

Blade length: 235mm
Overall length: 335mm
Year: 2020
Artist: Benjamin Madden


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