Hand forged, hand carved Woodsman Seax and its custom made leather sheath with repousse copper leaf detail
The Woodsman Seax held in the makers hand, displaying the size of the blade.
Detail of the Woodsman Seax antler handle, Green Man face and NZ Wood Fossil stone cabochon set into the end of the handle, hand carved by Benjamin.

Woodsman Seax

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Inspired by the Viking Age knives found throughout Europe and Scandinavia, this Woodsman Seax explores timelessness and a solitary life in the forest through our lens of myth.

The blade is forge welded from 5-layers of wrought iron, 15n20 and file steel.

The handle construction includes a sandcast bronze bolster, leather spacer, hand carved crown antler and New Zealand fossil wood cabochon cap.

The custom belt sheath is constructed from eco-dyed veg tan leather set with a repousse copper sycamore leaf.

This art knife comes with its own signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Blade length: 195mm
Overall knife length: 340mm
Year completed: 2019
Artist: Benjamin Madden


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